Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Time!

This last weekend we were lucky enough to have our favorite family from Oregon come for a visit! They showed up Thursday night and stayed until lunchtime Sunday and none of us think it was long enough! The 3 littlest kids were over the moon to have their favorite uncle come stay in their house and have his undivided attention for so long! And Derek and Alex were excited to have the twins come and hang out with them doing whatever it is that teenagers do to hang out!We went to dinner Friday night at Leo's so the kids could play and the adults could sit and visit. We invited the rest of the Hyde family living here to join us and most of them came so it made for a nice time. Saturday we headed to the zoo and then to Reed's Dairy for an ice cream cone followed by some nice quiet chill time watching movies! Sunday came along all too soon and before we knew it they were packing the car and heading out.We are very blessed to be able to have opportunities like these and hope we can make more of them in the future! And the kids are already counting down the days until we head to Oregon for our vacation there! 82 more days in case you were wondering! Then it will be 9 fantastic days with the cousins! I can't wait!

I do wish the older kids had showed up long enough for some pictures but they never seemed to stand still long enough for me to take any!

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Jessica Dean said...

Was this all before you decided to pack up and move to oregon?? Now you'll have so much fun always with your favorite uncle and cousins! How wonderful!